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From the desk of the District Director of Public Relations, Brother Herbert Guillory . Please congratulate the 9th District Members of the Supreme Council ...  From the desk of the 24th Ninth District Representative, Brother Kenneth Terrell . Regarding the shooting of Alton Sterling ...  It is now Time to Wake Up and begin A New Day in The Ninth District!  The sun is rising on the new day and the Ninth District of Omega, as we know it today, must change. . The newly chartered Ninth District Life Membership Foundation, Inc., established in 2014, it was chartered to aid organizations involved in charitable, educational, scholastic and scientific pursuits.
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The Ninth District is proud to announce EASY is HERE!

Easy•ol•o•gy is the study and understanding of how taking a diverse media mix for the purpose of disseminating information can result in a public relations/marketing strategy. The concept of Easyology stemmed from the recognition of the District’s need for a simplified, diverse public relations/marketing campaign. The 9THDPrint, 9THDWeb, 9THDMobile, 9THDSocial, 9THDVideo, & 9THDTargeted products are designed to increase the effectiveness of the district’s public relations/marketing efforts.
Ultimately drive more brothers and the public to the District’s proposed redesign website & ongoing product enhancements, provide the District with an even easier public relations/marketing experience, & search experience for brothers and the public.
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Tony Knox 40th Grand Basileus

Antonio F. Knox, Sr. was elected the 40th Grand Basileus of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated during the 79th Grand Conclave in Philadelphia, PA.

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Omega Life Membership Foundation

To grow, preserve, and prudently manage financial resources for education, leadership development and charitable programs.

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OPPF Federal Credit Union

The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Federal Credit Union continues to provide financial avenues for the fraternity’s members, families and employees.

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Friendship Foundation

Commercial office complex. Your new business address. Located in DeKalb county

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